That grumpy lifestyle

„I’m grumpy because … well, take your pick. I hate climate change and anything else that forces me to change my freeloader lifestyle.“

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The grumpy Kuckuck is having a bad time of it lately. Universally he’s viewed as probably one of the smartest and laziest birds - he can’t even be bothered to raise his own children and would rather bother others. 

There’s one thing he couldn’t anticipate though: climate change. And it’s exactly this phenomenon that forces him to drastically change his lifestyle. 

To return to his blissful lazy days as a freeloader there’s only one solution: stop climate change. For this goal he had to for the first time put forth some effort - and this is all it amounted to. 

Of course he’s not the only one needing help in these difficult times. Though, being the lazy Kuckuck that he is, he prefers leaving the heavy lifting to others. 


You want to make the Kuckuck less grumpy and help the environment?

Here are some like-minded and better-tempered contacts that will help you make an important difference.


Have you noticed a change in the flora and fauna in your area in recent years?

"In fact, I noticed that there are a lot less insects during the summer. I can still remember when I was a little boy the windshield of our car was always plastered with insects, today that's no longer the case."


Would you be willing to do something for the environment? and if so what?

"Yes. For example, I would like to drive to work less often, significantly reduce my meat consumption and also sensitize other people to this topic."


Are you tired of talking about climate change, species extinction and pollution? Why?

"No, never. Instead of endless discussions, meaningful steps, which aren't utopian, should be undertaken."


Did you notice any activities around you that have a negative impact on animal or plant life?

"Yes. There is trash everywhere in nature. There are hardly any meadows with wild flowers and in protected areas people don't comply with regulations."