About us

Our Story

Hi, we are Stella and Claudia! 

Our grumpy team consist of two design students studying in Munich. With enough tea, cookies and more than enough time thanks to quarantine in 2020 we founded the grumpy Kuckuck Website - mainly because we wanted to contribute something, no matter how small.

This project was and is a lot of fun and was originally intended to save the endangered cuckoo in Germany - before it developed a life of it’s own and turned grumpy overnight. 

Our Mission and Vision

Now our goal is to handle a very serious and depressing matter like the climate change in a more youthful approach - through memes and social media. 

We want to draw attention to pressing matters and then redirect that interest to professional organisations that actually have the budget and manpower to bring about change. 

Our vision is to raise awareness and bring about change for a future that is worth living.